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The use of foreign labour is the only long term solution to overcoming the skills shortages in the construction industry in UK. - Essay Example

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The use of foreign labour is the only long term solution to overcoming the skills shortages in the construction industry in UK.

It is generally recognized that the industry needs to work on its image" (The construction industry 2001, p. 14). Among other dimensions featuring in this domain are the state of supply and demand for labour and the structure of employment in the UK. Critics (Ellinor 2005) admit that the nation getting older and foreign labour is the only long-term solution for construction industry (CEDIA UK 2005). Cumulative changes in the demand for labour and the structure of employment-in the macroeconomic arena provide the basis for a transition that is brought about acutely by the contingency of the crisis in the macro-political arena, during which labour-importing states like the UK seize the opportunity to achieve the rationalization of the labour market they have already been hesitantly reaching for. Economic disparities between territories sending and receiving migrants include differences in earnings, livelihoods and living standards (Gilbert 2003). The problem of labour shortage is long term: "and will not be solved unless the industry can reach out to a new generation of potential workers" (The construction industry 2001, p. 14). The rationalization, the replacement of denizens by foreign migrant workers, has political and security as well as economic motivations. ...
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The UK construction market suffers from labour and skills shortage, and for this reason foreign labour is the only long-term solution for the construction industry to survive. . For this reason labour costs and skills have been, and remain, an important factor in its competitiveness in markets…
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