Global Credit Crisis and Emiratization - Research Proposal Example

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Global Credit Crisis and Emiratization

The earlier part of the study comprises the deductive perspective resulting in shape of the derivation of a framework to collect primary data through the consideration of general principles or theories. The inductive perspective provides the foundations of the conclusions and generalisation of the results of the survey.
The study will be undertaken by using both types of data, qualitative and quantitative. The types of data to be used in the study include both and combine quantitative and qualitative data. Qualitative research is an accurate research with "explicit sampling strategies, systematic analysis of data, and a commitment to examining counter explanations. Ideally, methods should be transparent, allowing the reader to assess the validity and the extent to which results might be applicable to their own clinical practice". -- BMJ 1998; 316:1230-1232 (as cited by Simon, 2002)
Qualitative data normally provides answers to the questions including the how and why (Gill & Johnson 1997; Creswell 2003). The qualitative data provides a deep in sight to the objectives of the study. On the other hand the Quantitative data is the measurable information represented in numbers (Kervin 1992; Gill & Johnson 1997) to answer what, who, when , where and how much but limited in providing answers to how and why. The study involved the combination of both the data types. ...
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The positivism approach will be followed to undertake the research process since the study is aimed at the derivation of explanatory knowledge regarding the phenomenon by the means of an analytical process. The objective reality is hypothesized by the inquiry mode (Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill 2003)…
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