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Essay example - Global consideration Paper

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Starbucks is one of the fastest growing coffee-business organizations of the contemporary time. In the start of 21st century, Starbucks has already opened thousands of outlets across the world while knocking the doors of India. Just as Starbucks, many companies are globally expanding their businesses through joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and establishing new operations…

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Since majority of HRM theories and practices, which are used by global organizations, have instigated from developed countries, most of the growing business organizations while expanding their business in the developing countries choose to use these HRM practices abhorrently while ignoring the primary differences such as socio-cultural constraints. Therefore, while entering into the Indian market, Starbucks must also adapt to HRM concepts and practices that are parallel to the Indian culture by keeping in view the social and cultural factors. These factors are as following;
Language issues: Indian middle class population (target market of Starbucks in India) is perhaps a very educated one. Language barriers can almost be neglected in most of the areas since English is generally spoken as well as Hindi1. However, there are some states in India where local languages are given more preference.
Gender Issues: India is generally considered as a male dominated society where women are thought off as the sole care-takers inside homes. While attempting to build a homogenous workforce, Starbucks' HRM may face serious gender issues since men generally do not feel comfortable while working under women dominance in India.
Religious practices: As discussed earlier, India is a mixture of ...
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