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Sudden Death

The human rights mechanisms of the United Nations have addressed the issue of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in a range of ways. From the various discussions and considerations of the United Nations human rights mechanism, it is clear that lesbian, gay men, bisexuals, etc. have the right to non-discrimination and that they have the right to equality before the law. (Ian Martin, 2006)1
The present study focused on the issue of a man who is identified as bisexual is found dead in his apartment and has not been seen by his neighbors for the past five months. He was dead for the past six weeks. At the inquest, it came to light that he was not known to anybody, only a friends number was found, when contacted revealed that he had no family, was bisexual and was feared of being infected with HIV+.
Same sex couples do not enjoy the same rights and protections as opposite sex couples, and consequently suffer from discrimination and disadvantage in access to social protection schemes, such as health care and pensions. In the labour market, a majority of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people continue to hide their sexual orientation or to endure harassment out of fear of losing their job. ...
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All human beings have the right live and should be treated in humanly manner. The world today may be arguing, debating and fighting for the rights of women, their reservations and amendment of special laws for their protection. But, other than these sexes, there are few more gender discriminations that are rampant around the world…
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