Business Strategy: Able Corporation Case Analysis

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Able Corporation produces and markets portable electric power tools. I have recently joined the company as Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis. This report presents an account of problems the company is facing, identifies root causes for such adverse situations, and then recommends some strategic solutions to deal with the issues that are causing unrest and havoc among employees and acquiring company.


Able Corporation needs to adjust its strategies and policies with a view to align these with the demands of market, in order to reap the benefits of hard work and innovative talents of its employees and management.
Whereas the solutions to the problems might appear quite obvious in the given scenario, the company faces biggest threat of failure to implement those in the form of resistance from the policy front as the president of the company belongs to the predecessor and principally is an advocate of the past policies. The main threat, therefore, remains the resistance to change and the possibilities of a trickle down of this resistance from top to bottom.
The first and foremost strategy to deal with the problems the company is facing is to bring about a paradigmatic change in the management style. The president of the company needs to be convinced to bring in new policies well suited to the changing market circumstances. As the said person mainly is inclined towards the past policies, due to obvious reasons, my first step would be to organize ice-breaking sessions between the senior officials of Walden and Able and then president and senior management of Able. ...
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