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Environment degradation in China

China has faced an enduring and remarkably quick economic development since its liberalization in 1978. Despite the fact that having considerably improved the lifestyle of the large part of the population, the economic progress has resulted in severe environmental predicaments, such as widespread water and air pollution, solid waste accumulation, high air pollution and water scarcity in urban areas. The situation of the environment is still deteriorating and posing, in several areas, problems to economic development.
Between 1980 and 1993 urban water use soared by 350 % and industrial consumption twice over the period (World Bank, 2001)1. Demand for water has been growing at the time when several regions of China faced water scarcity, major water pollution, and reduced groundwater tables besides flood and famine damage.
These factors have deteriorated the deficiency of water resources, augmented costs of water purification, and in cases where suitable infrastructure has not been present, endangered the safety of drinking water, consequently the health of the population. They also had critical impacts on the safety of industrial and agricultural manufacture and led to losses in fishing business. ...
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The predicament is that China's remarkable development has come to the detriment of similarly stunning environmental degradation. Ever since the start of reforms, the most frequently precise forms of environmental pollution in China are namely, Water shortage and pollution, Air pollution and Land degradation & deforestation.
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