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sexual harrassment

The victim-blaming, the apathy, the indifference, and sometimes contempt and hostility women face from police, from family members, from teachers, from hospital personnel, and from judges and juries are informed by women's social identities, locations, and histories. The mostly negative responses to women who experience violence are often as hurtful as the incidents because they reinforce the messages that women are to blame, that women deserve to be abused, that women accept oppression, and that women are unworthy of social justice.
Sexual harassment is defined as "unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature" (Dobrich 2002, p. 4). It is common for female employees to be subjected to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Although not illegal per se, such behavior is illegal when it is used by managers and supervisors to decide whether to hire or fire someone; when it is used to determine pay, promotion, or job assignment; and when it creates a hostile, or offensive work environment. ...
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In spite of great changes in social relation legislation, sexual harassment is still a main social problem. Most Americans think that people should be treated equally regardless of their sex. But we do not all agree on what that means. Nor do we agree on how to overcome inequalities that do exist between males and females in society…
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