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Race and the American Quest for Equality

The fact that German-Americans were not held in internment camps proves there was a racial dimension. Most African-Americans were brought to America against their will and enslaved. Slavery was not a new practice. In the ancient world, people could be enslaved if they were defeated in a war. The fact that Americans enslaved a specific race meant that society justified their actions by claiming that people of that race were inferior. Even after African-Americans were released from slavery, they still had to struggle against widespread racism and economic and political discrimination. Native Americans were horribly disadvantaged when the Europeans first came to America and began to take their land. In a long process, the United States took more and more land until they had taken virtually all the lands that had once belonged to the Native Americans. Discrimination continued against the Native Americans even after their lands had been stolen. They were forced onto small reservations where jobs were hard to find and alcoholism and psychological problems went untreated.
Even though there has been great progress in reducing racism, these groups are still disadvantaged today. Racism still exists in America even though most people are now afraid to show they are racist or don’t even believe they are racist. One part of racism today is the stereotyping of members of minority groups. Comedians today joke about how Asian Americans are good at math and have small penises and African-Americans are violent and lazy and Native Americans are alcoholics and lazy. ...
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Three racial groups that have been disadvantaged in the United States are Asian Americans, African-Americans, and Native Americans. Asian Americans were disadvantaged economically in the United States, particularly in the time of the industrial revolution. They needed to work difficult for little pay…
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