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Pharmacy, one of the hottest fields in the health care industry today, provides an individual the great opportunity to work in the front line of patient care. As an ever-growing profession in health care industry, it guarantees the opportunity for professional growth, outstanding financial rewards and, more importantly, the prospect to assist the patient all through the day.


In my opinion, the most important attraction of the profession is that it is a profession concerned of the welfare of humanity and relief of human suffering. As an individual who has often regarded social commitment as the primary goal of my future career, I have selected pharmacy as my career and believe that it can help me work for the welfare of humanity and relief of human suffering. I also realize that pharmacy as a career offers me enormous patient interaction and direct participation in the safeguarding of human life. The realization of the various opportunities in the career of pharmacy, including professional growth, financial rewards and social commitment, has lead me to the professional doctorate degree of Doctor of Pharmacy. It was always my dream to promote and improve humanity through my career and this profession offers me the tools and opportunity to realize this dream without compromising on my career prospects. In fact, my personal, educational, and professional background has been a strong reason for my selection of pharmacy as my career and the Doctor of Pharmacy degree is closely related to my immediate and long-term professional goals and career dreams. ...
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