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Case Study example - Marketing strategies of the Big Four U.K. banks

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Case Study
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This paper looks at the domestic marketing strategies of the Big Four U.K. banks by analysing their advertising campaigns and the assumptions each bank is making about the U.K. national market and what they identify as the factors most likely to influence customers…

Extract of sample

The analysis results are summarised in Table 2.
HSBC, as the biggest bank in the group, would want to stay in the lead, even widen it by increasing its customers, so the ad campaign would reflect a strategy to accomplish such, using the tagline "The World's Local Bank" to communicate the bank's credentials and highlight its expertise to give customers what they want. Striking images that generate opposite sentiments allow its advertisements to emphasise HSBC's knowledge of customers' intimate details, sending the message that the bank knows what they want. This is based on the recognition that each person may see the same thing in different ways because each one is unique. Emphasising its knowledge of different cultures where the bank operates, HSBC shows that it retains a local touch, appealing to customers to trust the bank.
Gaining the customer's trust is important because the bank is a repository of something of value to the customer's present and future: wealth. The bank has to look trustworthy, competent, but daring. ...
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