The Book of Revelation

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Of the twenty-two chapters, each chapter develops on a certain theme. The theme of each chapter are as follows: chapter 1 is the introduction about Christ's coming. It starts with the revelation of the vision of the Son of Man to Apostle John at the island of Patmos; chapters 2 and 3 is about the Letters to the Seven Churches; chapter 4 shows the Open Door in Heaven showing the Throne of God and of the Lamb; chapter 5 discusses the Book with Seven Seals and the Lamb standing like slaughtered; chapter 6 is about the Opening of the 7 Seals; chapter is the Sealing of the Servants of God who are the 144,000 and the multitude; chapters 8 and 9 is about the Altar and Prayers, the Trumpets, and the


of kings on the white horse, the quadruple Alleluia and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; chapter 20 discusses the Millennium and the Great White Throne Judgment; chapter 21 deals with the New Jerusalem and the New heaven and New Earth; and chapter 22 talks of the New Jerusalem and the River of Life (Dominguez 2006).
Bible scholars have different interpretations of the Book of Revelations. Some say it is a description of the difficult times that the Israelites were going through during the Old Testament and ends with the birth of Christ. ...
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