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Group Dynamics (Discussion )

Mayo actually proved that individuals go to work not only for money but something beyond that also. He argued that Taylor's modernization (Taylor 1911; 1947), was breaking the worker from their feeling of belongings and self worth at work and that new working practices were creating a form of anomie (Durkheim 1952). Mayo also accepted that workers would organize informally at work. Mayo also proved that managers did not always follow the rules and that there was much to be gained for them, for the company and for the individuals if workers were allowed some freedom to organize their working arrangements.
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Organizational Culture is subjective to the actions of a leader or in a way by which organizational policy is implemented. People react to those activities or social control, and then others follow their reaction with the people who are reacting. The organizational culture is preserved by the feelings linked to the reactions and also how people handle those emotions…
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