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Business Analysis of Energy Drink

As for the customers who will purchase this product, they would include the teenagers who are the residents of metropolitan areas. These would comprise of the SEC A and B classes who would have parental incomes above US$5,000 on an annual scale. The company believes in delivering state of the art energy drinks to its customers which essentially suggest the goodwill that the energy drink company has believed in ever since its inception. The leadership style at the company has focused on satisfying the market and the consumers and delivering quality rather than just mere words. Quality is backed up with quantity by making sure that the product is available at all the retail outlets. The leadership style is thus surely one which will help develop and sustain the business for a long period of time. It will help build solid rapport with the partners and channel members at the different levels, which include the distributors, wholesalers, retailers and so on and so forth.
The market right now is quite attractive for the energy drink market and I believe it is the right time to hit the market with our product as it offers a different taste an ...
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The business chosen for this paper is that of selling energy drinks and the brand specifically devised for this is known by the name of Aloha Energy Drink. This energy drink aims to hit the market in an instant fashion and become a quick sensation as it is deemed to be a very vibrant brand amongst the urban population of youth, which would include the hip and trendy youngsters - both boys and girls…
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