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Strategic Financial Management

With an investment of 4.8 billion, the vision of Scottish Power is to be the UK's best-integrated energy supplier and a world leader in Renewable as a vertically integrated energy company. In May 2005, Scottish Power sold it's regulated US business for 2.25 billion in cash and had returned to the shareholders in June.
In 2006, it achieved profit before tax 675 million, which was 47%, increase of the previous year. Adjusted earnings per share for continuing operation at 27.9 pence, which were 46% ahead. The adjusted earnings per share for the group at 44,1 pence were 22% ahead. Dividend payable on the new ordinary shares in issue following the return of cash capital reorganisation, was 9.4 pence per share bringing the total dividend for the year to 25.0 pence in respect of each ordinary share held on the relevant record date for last three years.
The Market value of the shareholder's equity is directly observable from the capital markets. In theory, the market value should be equal the warranted economic value of the firm. The true economic value of a firm or business or division or project of any strategy depends on the cash flows and the appropriate discount rate. ...
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As per London Stock Exchange The FTSE 100 Index is a share index of the 100 most highly capitalized companies. The index was introduced from 1984 where the companies must meet a number of criteria's to set out by the FTSE Group. This index has been considered as a barometer of British economy success of the and also the leading share index in Europe which holds about 80% 1.
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