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Potential impact of biotechnology on modern society

yeast cells have been genetically manipulated to produce vaccine against hepatitis B virus. myeloma cells and b-cells of immunized mice were hybridized to produce hybrid cells that consisted the characteristics of both the cells which were cell division and antibody production. following are the areas where biotechnology has done best.The maximum benefits to biotechnology have been utilized by health care. Biotechnology derived proteins and polypeptides from the new class of potential drugs. for ex insulin was primarily extracted from slaughter animals. since 1982 human insulin have been produced by micro organism in fermenters.some of the important products that have been produced are interferon for cancer and viral infection, human urokinase for plasminogen activator used in vascular disorder, insulin for treatment of diabetes, human factor for clotting for hemophilia, lymph lines for auto immune functioning, serum albumin in surgery, attenuated pseudo rabies virus antigen for vaccine against rabies, tissue plasminogen activator in treatment of heart attack. Currently there are about 35 biotechnology derived therapeutics and vaccines approved by the USFDA alone for medical use, and more than 500 drugs and vaccines to reach in market

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Many areas of biotechnology have arisen through the interaction between various parts of biology and engineering,biochemistry,biophysics,cell biology,colloid chemistry, embryology,ecology,immunology,molecular biology,medical chemistry and many such fields…
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