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Flu Pandemic: Financial Institutions at Risk - Essay Example

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Flu pandemics are global outbreaks of virulent influenza caused by a viral strain so different from those of prior years that the human population has no natural resistance to it" (Russell A1). Recent events have proven the world unprepared for a now long overdue pandemic, which occurs ever ten to forty years (Arthur 1)…

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Flu Pandemic: Financial Institutions at Risk

Health professionals expect the bird flu to become a major pandemic throughout the world. "The World Health Organization has confirmed 173 cases of the avian flu virus in humans, most of whom had close contact with diseased birds. Of those, 93 people died, almost all of them in Asia" (Rosenthal and Bradsher C1). The flu is currently passes from bird to human but could mutate to pass from human to human creating a world wide pandemic (Arthur 2). Financial Institutions are one of many sectors that will be highly affected by a major pandemic. Cash flow effects disaster relief programs, government finances, insurance claims, and almost all aspects of human livelihood. Cash flow needs to be fully functional in order to maintain the economy and control a pandemic. Financial Institutions are unprepared for flu pandemic.
Outbreaks of the bird flu have occurred in South East Asia, "which has caused a total of 53 confirmed human deaths" ("Renewed warning" 1). Transmission of the virus currently occurs between bird and human and "60% of those infected have dies" ("Renewed warning" 1). The flu transmits by migratory bird from bird droppings. If the virus mutates to a form able to transfer between humans, then a major flu pandemic would occur. There have been indications of transfer from human to human but nothing conclusive. ...
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