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Compare the difference between romantic and modern painting. Discuss at least six painters. - Essay Example

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Romantic paintings in general is colorful, expressions and full of movement. Painters of romanticism rebelled against the objectivity and aloofness of the prevailing classic and stressed personal. Romantic art subjectively attempts to present individual impressions, the artist being primarily a psychological medium of interpretation - "emotions"…

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Compare the difference between romantic and modern painting. Discuss at least six painters.

The three objects sit firmly on the distorted warm brown table. The spatial distortion and the playful use of shadows and outlines are carry overs from Picasso's Period.
Picasso was one of the artist who developed the kind of painting called abstract. In this style of painting, only selected qualities or characteristics of the subjects are used in the finished picture. the still life of a pitcher, candle and handled box on a table top rendered in rust orange, brown, blue, yellow, off-white, gray and black
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, a member of an artists group known as Die Brucke ( The Bridge ). They valued truthfulness more than clever techniques and in fact they often used deliberately rough ways of working, as if that were a proof of the strength of their Feelings. The group works on watercolors, drawings and woodcuts. Kirchner and the group can be measured by their extraordinary production. The rapid development of their personal styles was a result of their activity, including life, drawing and painting as well as the production of woodcuts, lithographs and drawings.
An Italian decorative artist of the second half of the 17th century. ...
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