Discuss the impact on children in contemporary Britain of parental anxiety over childhood risks

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The feeling of parents appears to be that they have less and less control over the external environment and its risks for their child (Buckingham, 2000 p. 15; Furedi, 2001 p. 6). As such, issues of childhood safety have become a dominant discourse in public, academic and legislative circles, and many suggest that the negative implications of "paranoid parenting" fueled by media and "expert" panic will far outweigh the benefits of reduced childhood risks…


Finally, a conclusion shall synthesise the main points of the report.
The preoccupation with risk within contemporary society has been highlighted by theorists such as Beck (1992 p. 1). For example, the injury of children within British playgrounds has become a popular public and academic discourse (Ball, 2002 p. 42). The actual number of childhood injuries occurring during a leisure activity in the UK, is to date, 1.2 - 1.5 million (Ball, 2002 p. 42). Of these, the reported number than can be directly and indirectly attributed to playgrounds was estimated in 1998 to be 41, 700 (Ball, 2002 p. 42). Within the UK, the actual fatality rates within playgrounds are so small that a valid and reliable cause has not been able to be established (Ball, 2002 p.43). Hence, it appears that the potential for childhood risk within the playground environment is not as dire as many parents believe to be. Instead, parents are choosing to keep their child at home more, or to be monitored by another adult, such as at a friend's home (Furedi, 2001 p. 10).
One of the primary implications from parental anxiety is their child developing a fear of taking risks (Furedi, 2001 p. 15; Ball, 2002 p. 43). ...
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