The Potential for Performance Management to Contribute to Organizational Effectiveness - Essay Example

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The Potential for Performance Management to Contribute to Organizational Effectiveness

(Kazemek, Edward A. Glime, Rebecca, 1989)
A performance management process is a process by which these things will take place in a systematic, consistent, persistent, patient, and comprehensive fashion throughout the organization. An organization's management process must both manage what gets done, as well as how those things get done (Sink, D. S. 1987). For example, the management process must make sure plans are developed, and that the process by which plans are developed is constantly improving; the management process must make sure services and products are delivered on time, and that the processes by which those goods and services are developed is constantly improving. The process by which an organization's management team accomplishes constant performance improvement in all aspects of the business must be given at least equal emphasis to the process by which the organization gets products and services out the door on time. ...
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Planning-assessing present organizational status relative to the vision, creating strategies for how the desired future state can be attained, and building on strengths so as to move toward your visions; (Martin F. Stankard, 2002)
Designing, developing and effectively implementing specific improvement interventions that have a high probability of moving us toward the desired future state, particularly in terms of levels of performance;
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