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Leadership Effectiveness Report - Essay Example

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Our changing times have been symbolic of the leadership traits and trends that dominate the choices we make and the changes we follow. The people who are able to not only possess the requisite traits, but also demonstrate these in trying times more than any other are true leaders…

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Leadership Effectiveness Report

If we were to look around ourselves, there are millions of examples that make an attempt at essaying the characteristics that make an ordinary person a leader - a hero for a lifetime. Whether it is in our movies, art or literature - there have been constant portrayals of leaders and their qualities. Such qualities are singled out as the most effective when it comes to possessing a commanding personality, understanding and harnessing the dynamics of human behaviour and finally, as well as performing under high pressure and trying situations. These leaders have been inspiration for the masses and their leadership skills have entire theories dedicated to the same. In this context, it is extremely important to understand that no leader is perfect and that his or her result orientations will not always reap the accurate benefits owing to unforeseen circumstances or even certain personal flaws. This has a strong implication in the realistic analysis of the leader and his or her leadership skills.
On this basis, we will carry out a study of optimum effectiveness in a particular leader in a typically corporate setting. The person in question is Chief Executive's CEO of the year for the year 2006 - A.G Lafley of Procter and Gamble. ...
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