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Virtual Child

My virtual child did not feel too close to his father because the father was not within the proximity of the child too often. The child starts recognising the persons in the surrounding by sensing the smell. The touch, sight and smell are important elements to provide comfort to the child. For the mother of course it will be next to impossible to forget the pains with which she is able to have the child. While early on the baby appears confused as the sensory mechanism is not fully developed, at 3-month old period the child is certainly in a position to recognise the parents and tries to feel better in the company, while resisting the efforts of others in taking control. 8-month period is certainly a long period for the child-parent relationship. The child starts uttering few words and indulges in some innocent sign language, which helps the bonding amongst the individuals.
2. Describe and give examples of changes in your child's exploratory or problem solving behavior from 8 through 18 months and categorize them according to Piaget's theory and information processing theories. Note that 8 months is included, so you'll need to use the time-line to look back at 8 months for examples.
The period between 8 and 18 months happens to ...
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1. How is your child's attachment to you and your partner developing What is happening at the 3-month and 8-month periods that might affect attachment security according to Bowlby, Ainsworth, and various research studies
Ainsworth and Bowlby (1991) formulated the basic tenets of the attachment theory and described the relationship of a child with mother and how this relation is affected due to deprivation, separation and bereavement…
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