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Scientifically speaking, genital or venereal warts which appears as small, flat, flesh-colored bumps or tiny cauliflower-like bumps are also known as condylomata acuminata. Due to their prevalence, genital warts are considered one of the most common type of sexually transmitted diseases caused by a virus human papillomavirus also known as HPV which directly attacks the top layers of the skin.


Being a sexually transmitted disease, the risk factors in venereal warts is directly related to the sexual lifestyle of a person. Genital warts are most prevalent in persons who practices unprotected sex with multiple sex partners. Others include "having has another sexually transmitted disease, having sex with a partner who has an unknown sexual history, and becoming sexually active at a young age (Genital Warts 2007)."
Treatment of genital warts should always be undertaken by a physician with this expertise. Over the counter medications used to treat common warts are not suitable for the moist tissues in the genital area. The treatment of genital warts includes medical prescriptions and surgery. Some of the chemicals which are directly applied onto the skin are: imiquimod which boost the body's immune system to fight the warts, podofilox which destroys the genital warts' tissues, and trichloroacetic acid which burns off genital warts. Surgery is often the best option if larger warts are to be removed that they do not respond to medications or if the infected person is pregnant which exposes the baby to risk of infection during delivery. ...
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