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Comparison of Heroes in Flood Stories - Essay Example

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Comparison of Heroes in Flood Stories

He was also mentioned in stories depicting episodes of his drunkenness and the ensuing "Curse of Ham." (Wenham, 2000) Noah's story was greatly influential in the West and was the focus of much elaboration in the following Abraham-ic traditions. In Islam, Noah (Nuh) is believed to be a prophet of Allah (God) (Khan, Anand, & Anand, 2001) and Christians likened the Christian Church to the Ark of Noah (Wenham, 2000). Noah in the book of Genesis lives for a total of 950 years, with the great flood happening in his 600th year. In Quran, Nuh (Noah) is already 950 when the great flood happened and was told to have spent his lifetime preaching the belief that there is only of God (singleness of Allah) (Wenham, 2000). In later stories, only 83 people are willing to become Muslims (submit themselves to Allah) and only these 83 people were saved with Nuh. Mankind's stubbornness ultimately brings God's wrath on the non-believers (Wenham, 2000).
In Quran, the theme of the flood story is the need to seek peace with and the unity of Allah. The element of the account focuses totally on the great flood, and does not include the accounts of episodes of Nuh's drunkenness. The "Curse of Ham" story's likelihood is in fact totally disqualified: Quran's Nuh has two sons, not like the Christian
Bible's three, and that son does not follow his father despite Nuh's ultimate plea for salvation, "O my son! Come ride with us, and be not with the disbelieve ...Show more


Per the Bible, the last (tenth) antediluvian Patriarch was Noah. Noah's story can be seen in chapters five to nine of the book of Genesis. This Bible flood hero saved his family and all kinds of animals in pairs or in groups of seven from God's punishment to mankind…
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Comparison of Heroes in Flood Stories essay example
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