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Formation of Creative Personality Traits

The factors which stimulate facilitate or hinder its development (Magno,2008, p.2.)The two main perspectives, upon which all the theories of formation of creative personality are based: mental and social. Secondly, as the name indicates, human is the centre and focus of this theory. Personality (chapter 10) writes that, "Ultimate value is placed on dignity of person."

The main theories discussed in this chapter, regarding the formation of creative personality are: psychoanalysis, mental illness, psychotism, addiction and humanistic theories. I believe psychotism, addiction and mental illness theories are very narrow and constricted. Psychoanalytical viewpoint focuses more "importance to art in the expression of the unconscious mind" (Magno, 2008, p.4) and "view a person as fairly passive, as a reactor to his or her life circumstances rather than an active agent" (Dacey & Lennon,1998, p.137.) The major contrast of the theories is differing themes of self, health, development and consciousness gives much smaller role to the unconscious drives.

I consider individual as an active agent, who has all the control over his life and decisions and he deliberately, consciously and cognitively engages himself to be creative to meet the daily errands. So, I decide that Humanistic approach to the formation of creative personality convinces me more than other theories. ...
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The demand of 'being creative' at work or in class gains lot of appreciation and attention. Creativity can be natural or intentional but we all want to be creative and wonder what exactly flourishes it…
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