Social Policy Essay

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The ideologies of work and society are at times extremely stressful. We are born into a word where we are taught that in order to survive, we have to earn an income. Granted this is an apparently natural phenomenon and few escape it, but to what extent are we conditioned to accept certain functional imperatives in our lives At a stage, perhaps prior to World War I and II, women had the primary function of keeping a home and raising children.


As a personal experience, social policy affects us perhaps on a different level to most, but we are certainly not alone. We discuss this with reference to one personal life in particular, a mature woman studying with a family.
The idea of total social organization of labour is an intensely important aspect of how society in general is structured. As Emile Durkheim also postulated, society is divided into various spheres as it is easier to govern. Likewise, labour is divided into spheres by institution and relevance (Mooney, 2004: 12). Social institutions are considered of relevance because they help to bridge the gap between the various social spheres. With reference to the personal narrative of the aforementioned mature lady, she has a job, studies and has a family. Her one son suffers from dyspraxia which also adds to the pressure of daily life. Constructed in this manner, her duties are delegated in many different social spheres. The kind of work on does is often associated with identity and with personal meaning (Mooney, 2004: 26). ...
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