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Research Proposal example - Financial performance of countries

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Research Proposal
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The paper provides an analytical comparison of 12 countries for ten financial years. The paper will provide an insight into the various investment options of countries and the individual investor will be benefited to the core from the article in comparing the various countries and arriving at an investment decision on a country basis…

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The objectives of the study are listed. The sample and research design are stated. Data is collected for all variables for all countries for ten financial years. Each country is analyzed for each variable separately using time series analysis. The interpretation for each measure of performance is explained. The limitations of the study are listed.
Economic liberalization and globalization have brought about a new and competitive environment for the common and small investors who are willing to participate in the equity of the corporate sector in our country. Understanding the firm's investment decisions under imperfect market conditions is one of the central issues of the financial economics. Studying firm's investment in such environment can provide insight into the dynamics of its growth as a function of internal and external financial sources. Fazzari et al. (1988) argue that in the presence of financing constraints the firm's investment vary not only with the availability of the profitable investment projects, but also with the internal funds. Consequently, the severity of the financing constraints is proposed to be measured by the magnitude of the cash flow sensitivity of investment.
In this paper, the authors propose an alternative perspective to investigate the relationship between financing conditions and the sensitivity m ...
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