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Chinese Women in late 19th century and early 20th century

The subsequent changes during the late 19th century and early 20th century are perfectly elaborated by Kay Ann Johnson in her book Women, the Family and Peasant Revolution, where she has enlightened the various topics like the traditional Confucian marriage culture and the family crisis of 1920. Johnson talks about the pre revolutionary stage and post revolutionary stage and goes on explaining the role of women in terms of labor.1
She elaborates about the family crisis of 20th century and the family reform in order to acquire the proper family. But in order to get this task executed and to support the family reform, more over through the inspiration offered by Chinese communist Party during revolution. Women started working in various fields so that they can earn as well as save their earnings and thus help in increasing the socio economic status of the family through their contribution. As in once the females start working they will start earning wages and, the socio economic status or power dynamics within the family would automatically elevated to the next level. During the revolutionary period as mentioned above, revolutionary forces accosted a traditional family system which was already criticized, to resolve the issues related with the family reformation. ...
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In late 19th century, the women were treated in barbarous manner on a regular basis as it was suppose to be according to the traditional china which was concluded by Confucian aka Kong Fu-Zi. The Women in ancient China were considered to be low and were given less preference as compared to men…
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