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Assistive Technology

The chemical's usual routes of entry in the body is through the eyes, inhalation and skin contact. It is not advisable for consumers and workers to apply flame or heat products containing the aforementioned chemicals; instead, pressurized extinguishers must be stored away from high heat sources, poorly ventilated rooms and out of direct sunlight.
If based on the arguments presented by DuPont (2008; p 1), stating that the total flooding is applied in fire suppression when other people are present during the application; aside from the fact that the application is generally, free of residues, non-corrosive, non-electrically conductive and has ozone depleting potential, the action involves greater than 90% of all commercial security or protection scenarios. Meanwhile, the system of local application is also a total flooding system, but, there is no complete enclosures surrounding
applied, fire extinguishing concentration should be applied into the area as quickly as possible; otherwise will expose people to hazards longer. Therefore, local application seems more of a personnel hazard than total flooding. ...
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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA, 1980) referred dry chemical as the chemical compound containing ABC powder, monoammonium phosphate and MAP, which are usually used and stored in pressurized extinguishers. The compound (Badger Multi-Purpose ABC Dry Chemical, 2007; p 7) ) is stable under normal conditions but should not be mixed with strong oxidizing agents…
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