Business Plan/HR Project #4

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Building the college with sustainability as the main objective is a continuous process of selecting the right persons at the place and training them to inculcate the values of the organization. As Rooney says, "When organizations embrace sustainability as a core values they create competitive advantage and a wealth of good will." (Rooney) Efficiency, risk, relationships and innovation are the key elements in the business strategy that is based on the principle of sustainability.


Unless a right person is recruited in that position, the objective can not be fulfilled. It is one of the toughest jobs for the HR Director. In the words of Storry,
"Successful recruiting can be a Catch-22 scenario: the best people want to work for a company with an excellent reputation, but the only way a business can achieve a good reputation is by attracting the best people". (Storry. 2005)
Undoubtedly it is the best people that make the organization the best one. The first thing that should be done is to "identify the need before you begin recruiting, you must establish the positions you're looking to fill and identify the community in which new staff will work." (Schultz, B. 2008) This will go a long way in the selection of the best candidate. As the need has already been identified, it is clear what sort of person should occupy the new HR Assistant position. The objective behind creating this position should be made clear to the prospective candidates to the position. In this regard, networking expert Diane Darling says, "People don't know what you need. ...
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