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Health and Culture - Essay Example

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The basic difference between the Native American and western system of medicine lies in the fact that Native American medicine is based on intuition, while western system of medicine is run by sheer logic. In western medicine the treatment is based along the lines of strict protocols which are supposed to be learned and followed, without fail, by every medical student who goes to medical school…

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Health and Culture

On the contrary, Native American medicine is based on what the physician 'feels' is best for the person. And the patients are never referred to as cases. There is an effort made to understand the life force flowing within the person and understanding its interaction with the environment. There is a belief in the synchronicity of the whole universe of which we are a part. Efforts are directed towards understanding the environment of the person and his interaction with it. Allopathy focuses more on the physical plane, one reason why psychiatry fails miserably when it comes to treating some mental illnesses. Whereas native American medicine encompasses all the realms of existence including physical, mental, spiritual, ethereal- existence of some of which modern medicine even doubts. It goes beyond what the senses can perceive in the physical word so the word proof has limited meaning. Using the words in common parlance, the modern medicine is based on 'science' whereas native American medicine is based on 'art'. ...
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