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In today's world there are many issues about the health and social care and many ways of reaching the public about these issues. Take for example, the advocacy and the launching of campaigns such as the Dignity on the Ward campaign which is designed in order to help the older people with coping in the stay in the hospital…


In addition to that, I will also identify and describe different techniques for presenting information in the media while analyzing how the different ways in which information is presented influences the attitudes and behavior of people. Furthermore, I will also explain the ways in which information may be used to influence the attitudes and behavior of people in relation to health and social care.
In order for a message about health care and social change to reach the targeted audience media is used in many forms to accomplish this goal. Imagine for example the importance of television when it comes to launching a campaign about the care of terminally ill people. Or take for example, the campaign about raising money for health care issues such as solving the cancer problem for the children at Saint Luke's Hospital. In addition to using the TV other forms of media proved efficient when it came to raise awareness about the healthcare issues and the social changes. Such forms of media are print media which usually comes in forms of brochures, pamphlets, direct mail, books, etc. Radio media is again an important source of making people conscientious about health care issues and the social change. Less used are the outdoor forms of media such as billboards, although in some cases billboards are also used to raising awareness among people.
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