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Protection of cultural industries in Europe

For instance, there is a difference in culture between Eastern and Western Europe; the languages spoken are a variety while there are over five religious groups that are predominant. The continent is actually said to have a fault line in culture in the countries that fall all across the continent of Europe.
The industry is also commonly known by the name creative industry. This is a combination of the process of designing, producing, distributing of products either goods or services that have a cultural basis. The services and goods are normally covered by the rights on intellectual property. These industries among others include audio visual, cinema, the music industry and the craft industry.
The creative industry is an essential industry in the creation of employment in Europe. It is estimated that an approximate number of 7 million people from Europe earn a living from this industry. The European people are themselves the source of cultural diversity as well as cultural identity. The industry has its basis on knowledge and heavily relies on human labor as well as creativity.
The industry is particularly in Europe for fostering creativity and also nurturing innovation among the members of the society. Hennighan, Tom (1996). ...
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Europe is among the continents that we have on earth and it located to the western part of Asia. It is the second smallest continent after Australia but it is among the most populated continents wit a total population of approximately 710, 000, 000, this is 11% of population in the entire world…
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