Marketing Fundamental

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Competition by definition means 'a test of skill or ability'. Indeed, it is true for any individual as well as for any organization that competition encourages one to do more. At times it leads to some untoward incidents between two rivals as well, but overall, competition isn't necessarily bad.


Porter's Five Forces analysis helps the marketer to contrast a competitive environment. It has similarities with other tools for environmental audit, such as PEST analysis, but tends to focus on the single, stand alone, business or SBU (Strategic Business Unit) rather than a single product or range of products. TESCO is UK's largest retailer, having around 1900 stores in UK alone and more than 2700 stores employing over 370,000 people worldwide, with group sales crossing m 37,070 worldwide at the end of financial year 2005. An international retailer of food, non-food and retailing services, Tesco currently operates in the China, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the UK. Michael Porter's Five Forces have become a yardstick for assessing industry profitability. They are;
Customers' bargaining power: Buyer power acts to force prices down. I apples are too expensive in Tesco, buyers will exercise their power and move to Sainsbury. Fortunately for Tesco the market has a disciplined approach at the moment which stops the competitors from destroying each other in a profit war. ...
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