Psychology of intelligence

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Psychometric testing input into the development of social issues has produced a number of controversial findings that significantly differentiate people in their psychology. In the following paper I would like to emphasize on several points that relate to intelligence.


Intelligence may be collected overtly from a myriad of open sources. Success in this area is dependent on the "openness" of the society; yet it must also be noted that all societies will strive to protect essential elements of information deemed vital to their security. It is necessary, therefore, to collect information within closed societies or in contexts of denial and, as a consequence, to engage in clandestine activities to obtain the needed information. Although even aboveboard information must be interpreted and analyzed, we will focus more of our attention here on the less easily acquired "vital" information.
If to speak about the differences in intelligences among races then it is needed to say that this suggestion has been made in frames of scientifical and psychological research in the area. In 1994 Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray The Bell Curve reignited debate over the role of genetic and environmental factors in explaining the black - white test score gap. Many Americans suspect that blacks perform poorly on standardized tests because of their social and economic disadvantages. ...
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