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Essay example - Technology and Productivity in the Workplace

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Technology changed our lives in many ways, but its impact is most pervasive in the workplace. The main changes in this sphere are the automation of jobs and the greater ease in sending out and receiving information. A 2001 report of the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), for example, noted that 56.7 percent of American adults above age 25 use computer in the workplace…

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At this particular stage in the IT revolution, many organizations
This reverse effect of technology is attributed to two problems that have cropped up on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools: segmentation and loss of context. The reason why segmentation and loss of context complicate rather than facilitate problem solving in the workplace is that information made readily available by technology is segmented into pieces such that its recipients are forced to locate the place of each piece in the puzzle. When these segments or units of information reached the recipient, they are often stripped of their meaningful context or original situation of use (Risku & Picher online). The result is occasional stress and frustration in the workplace, which are effective deterrents to productivity. This paper delves into the reasons why technology falls short of its high expectations in the workplace, how the man may have been relegated to a backseat in favor of the machine, and what can be done for the workplace to exact the promised benefits from technology.
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