International Marketing Mix Tutbury Crystal Analysis and Recommendations

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There are many issues in the vast arena of marketing. This paper deals with the case study of a company that wants to diversify through international marketing in terms of customer management. The crux of our paper is the development of an international strategy for the marketing of the crystal produced by Tutbury - a British manufacturing company, with an eye of better customer management through a system of appropriate entrepreneurial control for implementation of the marketing strategy.


A family owned business that churns out the highest quality of cut glass and allied products that come under the lifestyle category, Tutbury is a name to reckon with. It has a rich heritage in customer management. Given its history and the prestige attached with owning pieces produced by this company, it would be a tough job to market this effectively in a region where little would be known about this exclusive brand without appropriate customer management.
In this regard, it is imperative to loosely define international marketing before moving on. International marketing is that sphere of activities that is aimed at introducing a product in a country or group of countries with the aim of creating sales and some amount of awareness regarding the brand. (Bennett et al, 2002) Therefore, for a lifestyle product like crystal, what better than a country where lifestyle solutions are becoming a rage and the norm of the day - India.
This Asian country is fast moving away from its traditional colonial bearings to discover style and charm in urban living. ...
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