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Discuss the impact of Christian Fundamentalism on American polotics.

They are to be engaged with one another not only within the bond of civility but, much more importantly, within the bonds of the love of Christ. The truth of the gospel transcends our disagreements about all lesser truths. And it is by that truth that we are knit together in mutual dependence and accountability. By that truth, the church is enabled to be a zone of truth in a world of impassioned mendacities--not the least of all in the world of impassioned political mendacities.
There was a time when political involvement by conservative Christians was seen as a worldly or even sinful activity, now, political celibacy, if you will, is considered a dereliction of Christian responsibility. This mega-shift in perception has not been a recent phenomenon but evolved with time. During late 19th century until 1920s, the influence of conservatives collapsed. However, after 1950s, it revived miraculously due to contemporary political situation and worked its way up to reach a stage today that most of battles in the world are being portrayed as the ones with the evil, and there seems to be public support for many such aggressions which have almost divided this world into "with us or not with us".
Religion is the most dangerous energy source known to humankind. ...
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To build a world in which the strong are just, and power is tempered by mercy, in which the weak are nurtured and the marginal embraced, and those at the entrance gates and those at the exit gates of life are protected both by law and love . . . of course Christians should be engaged in the public square…
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