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Essay example - Googles Marketing Efforts

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Marketing a product or services requires analysis of the market and the competitors in order to come out with a sound marketing strategy. In the globalised economy marketing efforts have acquired a prominent place towards promotion of the brand and the sales…

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are always there on the front pages of newspapers, on our television screens and magazine supplements. That's considered a prerequisite for their survival in these competitive times. But it is quite intriguing that a company like Google prefers to remain low key in the marketing efforts. It is not there on the electronic or print media as often as it should be in order to establish its brand equity.
Brand identity forms a key strength in today's context, where visibility in media and easy identification features help in propagating the business prospects of the company. It is indeed quite surprising that Google, basically a service providing company, has yet again overtaken many well established product identity companies like, Microsoft, GE, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, IBM etc. According to Millward Brown's 2008 ranking of brands1, Google is the topmost brand with a brand value of $m 86,057. Google has worked on its brand quite consistently is apparent from the fact that the brand value has undergone a change of about 30% from the previous years. interestingly this change was about 77% last year. On the other hand Yahoo ranks a distant 62nd with a brand value of $m11, 465 registering a decline of 13 percent. It is equally interesting that last year Yahoo figured at 42nd position with a brand value of $m13, 201 and at that time as well Yahoo registered a decline of 6% in its brand value.
These sta ...
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