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Human reasoning and education

And all these pleasures the prime of life shall never come back.
An ideal childhood can lead to an ideal person. A sound body and a sound mind have to be nourished. When all the things permit and when there are no hurdles and when life is a pleasure they can follow the set of standards set globally. As the great leaders say children are the nations future. An ideal childhood is what most of the able parents would provide to their children but what about those who crave for that. So we can say all these things are for the lucky few and most of population of poorer countries unlucky. The rich countries are lending a helping hand to poor but the funds don't reach them instead gulped in between
While learning at education institutions like schools, colleges, etc., they learn discipline and other activities. When we saw the scenario of the class pupil will do their work, one is laughing and one is fighting with his/her friend, one says I am feeling hungry, there will be muffled sounds in the class room, they think that is their dream world. They call the teacher they show what they have done in the class. And they expect that teacher should appreciate and encourage them.
At this stage they want to learn new things or words from this world, in house parents talk something and the child would start imitating the same words. ...
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Childhood days are sweet for anyone who is innocent of any happening event. The part of life is the sweetest in the whole life. In the three stages of life childhood, youth and old age but period of childhood is the best one. If one misses out the part the bitter experiences make them age old than what they look…
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