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In his book Healing Together: How to Bring Peace into Your Life and the World, Lee Jampolsky deals with the subject of personal problems, sufferings and crisis, how they affect our lives and what is the best way to deal with them in order to gain the most benefits from the troubling situations…

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The excerpt under discussion is the first chapter of Jampolsky's book, titled The Key to Maintaining Peace of Mind. In this chapter, whereas he does use the cause/effect mode to a certain degree, in that he proposes certain actions that need be taken in critical situations and then gives the effects of those actions on the situation, the main rhetorical mode that forms the backbone of the chapter is what is called the problem posing/solving mode, or the problem/solution mode.
Jampolsky starts by posing a problem; the multitude of suffering and traumas that rid the world from day to day basis, both on the personal and the global level. He goes on to elaborate on the issue, citing examples from his own life and from the lives of the people around him. This induces in the reader a sense of deep connection with his writing and the issues he is addressing, and the reader forms a connection with it. ...
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