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Research Critiques

Questions asked of the students determined their understandings of plagiarism, the hardships they had to undergo to avoid plagiarism, and how they have learned to write without plagiarizing.iv
Phase two concerned the development of learning materials. The materials developed were evaluated with undergraduate psychology students, some of whom had participated in Phase one. Much like the focus groups in Phase one, the number of sessions was determined by the data.v The latter phase then incorporated the student feedback into the design of the learning materials.
The research design included a number of processes whereby feedback was ascertained from students and teaching staff, to ensure the applicability and usefulness of the materials and their responsiveness to students' needs.
The results of the study stated in Phase one represented the students' understandings of plagiarism particularly on defining plagiarism, difficulties in writing to avoid plagiarism, strategies to avoid plagiarism, and student suggestions for course improvement. The results in Phase two represented the development and evaluation of the learning materials. Based on the findings three tutorials and a 'tip sheet' were developed. ...
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Breen, L. & Maassen, M. (2005). Reducing the incidence of plagiarism in an undergraduate course: The role of education. Edith Cowan University. Retrieved February 6, 2006, from
The study investigated the perceptions of students on plagiarism and its avoidance…
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