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The security measures undertaken in airports have been in much scrutiny after the September 11 attacks that led terrorism, fears among most passengers. In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist actions, the Federal Aviation Authority took steps to federalize the pre-board screening process at US airports and they now oversee responsibility for managing the contracts with private security companies.


airline and airport security. It provides trained federal employees for passenger and baggage screening and it supplies sky marshals (air marshals) for unnamed commercial flights (Salant, 2002). With all the increased taxes because of additional airport security undertaken by our government, is it still viable for airports to further add their own measures in security Will these measures not affect passenger's willingness to travel by air, given an additional $ 5 to their tickets and more minutes waiting in line
The federalization of commercial aviation resulted in the removal of contract private security personnel from passenger- and baggage-screening points. They were replaced with twice as many federal TSA employees, who earn almost two times the salary of their private-sector counterparts. The impact of this transition has yet to be measured. Some have argued that federalized passenger screening has not delivered a noticeable improvement in air passenger safety (Dalton, 2003). Also, wages of airport security personnel have been increased and are now comparable to police and fire protection jobs. Entry-level pay starts at around $20 an hour plus U.S. federal employee benefits (GAO, 13 June 2003).
As airline security is now a national concern, it is the standard operating procedu ...
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