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Case Study example - Business Integration Concepts

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Case Study
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This paper is on integration of management concepts for better understanding of management through research. These concepts have been based on the study of JB Hi Fi Limited - a company that deals with media electronics like the 'big box', TVs and radios. In the case of JB Hi Fi Ltd, these concepts have been discussed in terms of strategies for management and constant innovation through change management as the world of commerce in today's global market is dynamic in nature…

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These strategies will be discussed in terms of the phases put forward in the book by Kotter titled Leading Change, as well as theories by various other scholars like Taylor, Porter and others.
In the book Leading Change, Kotter has used the word urgency to describe the first phase so as to get a head start into the process of transformation. This can be seen in JB Hi Fi's foray into the market of technology with the popularity of its "Big Box". This has to do with taking stock of competitive and market realities with a focus on crises and opportunities. (Kotter, 1996) This has been paralleled in Organizational Behavior and Management through a focus on competitive advantage which can be described as follows: (Ivancevich et al, 2004)
This brings us to a discussion on the technicalities of the model proposed by Porter. Porter's Five Forces model provides suggested points under each main heading. When taken into consideration individually, each of these gives rise to the development of a broad and sophisticated analysis of competitive position. ...
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