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Term Paper example - Cluster Analysis Technique

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Multivariate statistics are now commonly used in business, specifically in marketing. In this paper, we discuss at least three of this statistical analysis as used in the business, with focus on cluster analysis technique.
"The term cluster analysis (first used by Tryon, 1939) encompasses a number of different algorithms and methods for grouping objects of similar kind into respective categories" (StatSoft, Inc.) "A cluster is a group of relatively homogeneous cases or observations" (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 2009).

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As in America, people of different races frequent famous restaurants. Thus, the cluster technique can be used to segment the market into these different races. The owners and managers then can specifically suit the need the specific race as to their eating habits and their tastes.
Factor analysis is also used by business especially to analyze a large volume of measurements and to search for their interrelationships. "A restaurant chain might gather and conduct factor analysis for a large volume of data on consumer preferences in order to determine the relative importance of portion size, pricing, and perceived quality" (LoveToKnow, Corp.).
On the other hand, multi-dimensional scaling is used "to detect meaningful underlying dimensions that allow the researcher to explain observed similarities or dissimilarities (distances) between the investigated objects" (StatSoft, Inc).
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (2009, September 2). Retrieved November 5, 2009, from
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