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It's not very clear from the case whether this was Carl's first job. In any case Carl missed the 2nd Habit that Stephen Covey preaches. He was ill-prepared for the magnitude of work required to follow through his recruitment decision. He never had a plan and practice. When Operations Supervisor contacted him in mid-May he claimed to be in full control of the situation. The enquiries from Monica should have alerted him. Believing in his verbal assurances she proceeded with her own orientation programme.
Businesses are never run on the spoken words. Capabilities and means to asses are primarily important. This is a mistake that Carl Robins and Monica Carrolls must understand. Both are at fault in this case study.
The most important fallout of this crisis would be delayed orientation for these new recruits giving a bad image of the company leading to a early exit of these potential employees in future. One cannot expect this to be a great organization. The application forms have to be verified and corrected now to begin with, this will take time and in business time is money. Lost time means loss of money and an opportunity loss for the company.
Carl should be more principled and be organized. One of the most important disciplines is - to learn, to work and to think. ...
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How did things go wrong was the question that haunted Carl Robins. He had recruited 15 people in early April from campus for his company but when the time came for inducting these new recruits several things were missing. He had assured Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls, to have all the new hires working for her by July…
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