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Multimedia and the Internet

The user has the ability to make member accounts on the website that is free currently. The website enables the user to gather the accessories of his or her interest by making an account also enabling the website to inform them of promotional activities and sales through emails.
Advantage that the website provides is the function of displaying new items on the shelf at the home page. Apart from that, products that are in fashion are displayed at the home page with a brief insight on them to enable the user to get familiar with the product. A search section is also provided in case a user wants to search for a specific product on the website or look for several related products. The website also provides a function of comparing products on the basis of several factors and ranking them accordingly to provide the user the best brand according to his demands.
The website design is perfect and up to the standards of any good website, there are no error links meaning every link does take you to a new page that displays information related to the caption of the link.
The website contains all the information that a customer will need regarding the product with the added advantage of a simple window to window moving procedure. ...
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The first website that I will discuss is of Computer Stores. This website is an online store that enables users to buy computer accessories online. This website is the best among the three websites that would be under discussion here. The major aspects on which the website would be evaluated are functionality, speed, readability, interactivity, attractiveness, and the feedback.
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