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Essay example - The place of animals in society is an important theme in wicked.Why does Elphaba make it her mission to fight for animal right.How else does social class define

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The issue of Elphaba's wickedness is directly related to the political unrest that results in Oz as a result of the arrival of the Wizard. Prior to Wizard appearance in Oz and his co-opting of religious and social fabric of the land, the religious tradition was based on Lurline the Fairy Queen and her daughter Ozma whom she placed as ruler…

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The animals hurled themselves into the violent flow in an effort to escape certain death. Those who turned away from the effort remained grounded in their animal state, while those who actually achieved the goal of making it to the safety of the banks received the reward of sentience and consciousness. The element at work as far as Elphaba's mission to return the dignity of Animals taken away by the Wizard is that the Lurlinest religion was a matriarchal myth. Part of the Wizard's plan in ruling Oz is to deconstruct and explode the matriarchal tradition and impose a patriarchal one.
The evolution from a matriarchy to patriarchy is the thematic underpinning that connects Elphaba to the Animals. "Elphaba looked like something between an animal and an Animal, like something more than life but not quite Life" (77). Both are outsiders, socially disruptive to the predominant ideals associated with the kind of fascist rule that marks the Wizard's reign. ...
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