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Business Security and Terrorism

Google was more economical, using just around half a million dollars. Big corporations are clearly noticing that the wellbeing and safety of their summit leaders is a vital component of doing business (Lerer, 2007).
Particular business executives are in added danger compared to others. Whereas the Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt is worth very much, other directors are subjected to further scrutiny. For example, Schering-Plough top executive Fred Hassan has been presented with several threats from the activists of animal rights for Schering-Plough's participation in animal testing. Other top executives move their dealings to distant sites where security can be turned to a necessity. When business heads travel to countries such as Guatemala they frequently employ security to guarantee secure movements. All of the funds used up on protection of executive can compensate for itself if it averts just a single major misfortune. Terrorist attacks on business executives does not merely result in human suffering, it as well drives down the prices of stock and undermine the leadership of the company. A solitary abduction or robbery could cause damages of up to several million dollars. This figure can be overblown by medical and even legal costs. ...
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Terrorism has become a major issue of concern for top executives of large firms. For that reason big business corporations expend funds to guard their chief executives. It is more comparatively imperative now more than ever to guarantee protection with private security agencies…
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