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Where I am going. My Personal Story as a Proud Mother of Two.

I am a year into my thirties and a proud mother of two. As a teenager, I was an ambitious young girl with high academic records and had a passion for teaching. Unfortunately, my family's financial situation made it unfeasible for me to pursue college education. However, now that I am capable of sponsoring my education by myself, I will not let my parenthood or marital status keep me from achieving my life's goals because I finally have an opportunity to fulfill my academic pursuits and now that my children are grown up enough, I can comfortably divide my time between parenting and studying.

I realize that it is a long way and the way is hard and that I will probably be old by the time I reach the end of it but the end will be better than the beginning. Now that I have a motivating factor, I am capable of giving my life a direction that I want. At the same time I will have to motivate my children and help them in organizing their lives and personalities. I hope to graduate proudly with an English Honors Degree in the year 2009 although I am prepared for the fact that it might take me a little longer than that owing to my domestic responsibilities. But nevertheless, it is "better to be late than never!" ...
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Everyone has aspirations, ambitions and dreams to realize but no one can be certain as to how far they will succeed in realizing them because circumstances may lead us in to the most unexpected situations…
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