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Secure Computer System - Studies

Fire detection is very crucial therefore fire detection appliances should detect the smallest indication of fire through sparks and temperature rise. Fire suppression equipment need to be installed and should suppress the fire without damaging the server equipment. Water sprinklers are the most common fire suppression equipment. It would be better to consider other options like the use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (Nash, 1997, pg 23). Heating, ventilating and air conditioning as well as climate control equipment should be kept separate from the rest of the room to avoid damaging the network equipment. I would not place the ventilation equipment overhead because it would risk the server. The switch for the equipment would be placed inside the room to prevent accidental switching.
Proper power at the right quality should be regulated through the use of power protection equipment. By use of reliable power supply and surge protection equipment, the power will be kept at the desired quality. Power should be safe and reliable and should not fluctuate often. The space for the equipment should be adequate enough to allow for future expansion. ...
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Factors considered when converting a section of general office space to server room; firstly, the walls should not be close to exterior walls which could be damp because of containing water. Exterior walls are subject to be blown by strong winds. For doors, I would pick an interior area and make doors with sizes large enough to pass the LAN equipment…
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